March 30, 2007 - Encinitas, CA
Been back to work on recordings this week, but just dug up a few more pics from the Baja Prog trip with Marotta/Griesgraber and The Tony Levin Band in Mexicali.

Back in the US (but where's our van?)

Teatro de estado (spelling?) - well.. Baja Prog's theatre

soundcheck for Mr Synergy
Jesse meditates on the perfect tone

March 22, 2007 - Mexicali, Mexico
Fun show yesterday. Well mostly fun. Soundcheck was at 9:30 am when the weather was cool and the sky overcast. The show itself was at about three in the afternoon with a slowly setting sun beating right onto me and the Stick. Like any wooden instrument big changes in temperature and humidity mean things start moving around. So, a few songs into the set things went pretty far out of tune. I actually did a version of El Prado solo where one string seemed so far gone I wound up using different chord voicings than normal to avoid it as much as possible. But in the end people who know our music told me they had no idea anything was off. I managed to make some quick adjustments while Jerry told jokes and the second half of the show seemed to settle in much better.

Baja Prog's outdoor stage
proggers gather

March 20, 2007 - Mexicali, Mexico
This week I'm in Mexico, for what is actually my first ever performance here as a Stick player. Marotta/Griesgraber is playing for the "Baja Prog" festival tomorrow and Tony Levin's Band is playing the following day. Hard to imagine I've never played in Mexico before as I live so close, but.. it's true. Actually I was just reminded that I've been talking to the "Baja Prog" festival people about making it down for their event for several years now. Now that I'm hear and can see what they do, I'm thrilled to be a part of it! It really looks to be a great event. Pictures to come I'm sure.. but for now take a look at

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