Wednesday February 3, 2010 - US-550 towards Albequerque, NM
Very snowy drive today enroute from Santa Fe to Shiprock, NM. Bert did a great job as the "first shift" driver leaving Santa Fe in some very slippery conditions. It's made for a much longer drive, but there's no show tonight, so we're not in any major hurry. Last night we played at a nice venue just outside of downtown Santa Fe called The Santa Fe Brewing Company. It seems like it just changed hands recently and the new management is still looking to get things up and running a bit more but they have a great space and staff to work with. The sound guy Dave really did a good job working with all of us. I went a bit out on a limb personally and tried running my Stick rig through CGT's live rack. Since they all play using only in-ear monitors (headphones) to hear themselves and do a live recording every night with the same setup, it makes a lot of sense if my "bits" go directly into theirs (in theory). It's a little tricky though, and I'm still thinking about how best to do it, but Dave was very patient and willing to work with us. In the end, I wound up playing just through my rig for my set, and then running through CGT's when I joined them for a few pieces.

Monday February 1, 2010 - US40 towards Gallup, NM
I'm travelling with the California Guitar Trio this week as a guest and opener at some of their south west shows. So far we played together at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano last Friday and at Acoustic Music San Diego on Saturday. Both shows were very well attended and very well received. I've been quite slow about taking pictures for the site so far, but will change that as we go along. Yesterday was technically a day off, but Bert and I did a little more work for our own album. He redid his guitar parts for a piece called "Don't Look Back" which has gone through a few variations so far. We already had a version that was "quite good," but I'm confident we've made it even better now.

Today is a drive day from San Diego to Gallup, NM. We've been on the road since about 10am. Looks like it'll be about a 12 hour travel day. But it's been fun. Although I see Bert often enough it's been awhile since I've gotten to spend time with Paul and Hideyo. We've been sharing music DVDs and CDs in the van, chatting about gear, restaurants and the like. With a little over an hour to go now, Paul is driving, Bert is watching a live Led Zeppelin DVD, Hideyo appears to be napping and I'm tying here and trying to take pictures of an amazing looking orange moon rise (pretty much impossible in a bouncy van, but I'm hoping to at least get something artsy and interesting out of the attempt!

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