The Coast News
November 4, 1999

A & E coastal notes
by PJ Grimes

Most people have probably never seen someone play two guitars simultaneously. For that matter, most people have probably never seen someone play the Chapman Stick.

"Agent 22 is unique as far as I know. I've never heard of any other group that combines a Chapman Stick player with a person playing two guitars at once," says Stick player Tom Griesgraber. "The format is not an accident or a gimmick, however, as it creates some very interesting situations...When we want to, we can really blur the lines as to who is playing what and sound almost like a small orchestra of strings. But we are also equally capable of having multiple distinct parts at once."

Agent 22 members Griesgraber, dual guitarist Jimmy Patton, and drummer/percussionist Ryan Moran became intrigued with the potential of their combined talents while working on the MiraCosta College Music Department's annual CD project, a collection featuring students, faculty, and alumni. After the project was completed, the three began collaborating, writing and arranging original material and then started performing locally. Their new CD titled "Agent 22," showcases the trio's hard-to-pigeonhole versatility, with selections ranging from funk to harmonic melodies to jazz. The title cut evokes images of a detective lurking down a darkened street, collar up, magnifying glass out.

Other pieces include "90 Days," somehow suggestive of the Caribbean, and "Song for Eriela," gentle, soothing guitar lovers music.