Subject: Saturday's show at MiraCosta
Date: Sun, Oct 4, 1998
originally published to "Stickwire" an online Chapman Stick discussion group

I just wanted to thank Tom Griesgraber for organizing last night's show and
for his music, too. His band, Agent 22, put on a great performance of some
really interesting compositions, both by Tom and and dual-guitarist Jimmy
(insert embarrassment about not remembering last name here), who has developed
a unique way of playing two guitars a la Emmett Chapman, with one neck resting
across his right leg. Drummer Ryan Moran joined me for an extended free
improv that was great fun for me, and Tom played way beyond what his 14 months
with Stick would indicate.

Great turnout, even going up against the Padres. Thanks to Greg B, Paolo V,
Jason T and all the other area Stick players who came out.

Happy Tapping,
Greg Howard