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Discipline Global Mobile

Stick Enterprises

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Spotted Peccary

Ongoing projects

Bert Lams and Tom Griesgraber - touring and recording guitar/Stick duo

Agent 22 - (just in case you missed it)

Marotta/Griesgraber - duo with drummer Jerry Marotta.

O3E/Spotted Peccary - Independent label releasing Tom's solo CD and great works by many other artists.

Equipment - Some of the "stuff" Tom uses.

Stick Enterprises - makers of the Chapman Stick

Moog Music - analog synths, effects and more

Eventide - The world's most powerful digital effects

Furman - Power conditioning and distribution

Auralex - acoustic treatments

True Systems - outstanding mic preamps and DI's

D'Addario - strings and accessories

MusicMan - bass guitars

Bag End - speakers for all instruments

Peterson Tuners - strobe tuners with impeccable accuracy and features

EMG - active Stick and guitar pickups

Analog Man - pedal effects

Sennheiser/Neumann - The best mics and headphones.

Website archives and misc. goodies

Tom Griesgraber on Myspace - our "guestbook" of sorts.

ThosTalk - an online discussion group all about Tom and Agent 22 (yikes!). Created by Jason Thornton.

Bert Lams and Tom Griesgraber tours
West Coast Tour - September 2011
East Coast Tour - August 2011
East coast tour - May/June 2010
West/Southwest tour - April/May 2010
West coast tour - November 2009
South west through TX, KS, OK, MO, CO, NM, AZ, CA - August/September 2009
East coast through PA, MD, WV, OH, KY, RI, NY - April 2009
West Coast - December 2008
Arizona/California - August 2008
Florida - November 2008
Florida - February 2008
East coast tour through PA, MD, NJ, WV, OH, KY - September 2007
Bert Lams and Tom Griesgraber west coast tour July 2007
California to Canada - August/September 2006

California "Bach or Bust" Tour (Bert Lams, Tom Griesgraber, Igor Abuladze) - July 2004

Tony Levin Band and Marotta/Griesgraber tours
Mexico - Baja Prog Festival 2007
California - October 2006
Europe - May 2006
Europe - October 2005

Marotta / Griesgraber tours
Europe - October/November 2006
Europe - November /December 2005
Europe - February/March 2005

Shows with Tony Levin Band (Europe), Adrian Belew and Steve Hackett (S CA)
October 2005

California Guitar Trio and Tony Levin tour
August 2004 - S. CA

California Guitar Trio tour diaries and photos
Jan 2010 - southwest US
Sept-Nov 2004 - cross country
March 2003 - West Coast
May/June 2003 - Portland, OR to Pittsburgh, PA
September 2003 - Houston, TX to Atlanta, GA

Tom Griesgraber & Andrea Ruta tours
Oct/Nov 2010 - Italy
Mar/Apr 2011 - Italy
December 2012 - Italy

League of Crafty Guitarists tour
April 2004 - S. CA

At the Grammys
February 8, 2004 - Los Angeles, CA

Agent 22 at NAMM - January 2010
January 2009 - Anaheim, CA

Stick Seminars - pics and diaries
Pittsburgh - October 2009
Vancouver Stick Seminar - May 2009
Santa Cruz Stick Seminar - October 2008
Michigan Stick Seminar, Nov 7-9, 2003
World Stick Seminar in San Jose, Nov 14-16, 2003

Friends - a short list of the people Tom has had a chance to perform with, record with, tour with, open for, etc.

Andy Summers


Adrian Belew

Bill Bruford's Earthworks

Blue Floyd

B-Side Players

The California Guitar Trio

Larry Carlton and Steve Lukather

Al Dimeola

The Dixie Dregs

The Frog Like Drummer - aka Clayton B. Payne

Isildur's Bane

Jazz Mandolin Project

Mick Karn

Muriel Anderson

The League of Crafty Guitarists

Planet X

The Tony Levin Band

Michael Manring

Stanley Jordan

The Steve Morse Band

Tower of Power

Emmett Chapman

Bob Culbertson

Hectic Watermelon - featuring Darren DeBree (Tom G. and Agent 22 drummer)

Greg Howard

Jason and Jane

Erik Wollo

Jerry Marotta

Jim Earp

Kevin Keith

Pete Lockett

Peter Pupping

Peter Sprague

Don Schiff

Spotted Peccary Records

Steve Adelson


Third Door Down

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