Thursday January 22, 2009 - Encinitas, CA
Bert Lams and I spent Monday and Tuesday working on our new album. We've got most of it mapped out now, but the Stick player needs to get some work done. Yesterday I drove Bert to LA and took the opportunity to go by Stick Enterprises and pick out woods for two new Sticks! Very exciting... it'll be several months before they're finished, but it was fun to see them in their infancy.

Meet Paduk and Wenge

Last week(end) was the annual NAMM tradeshow in Anaheim, CA and Jerry Marotta and I played several times for Beyer Dynamic's booth. The California Guitar Trio with Tony Levin were also playing at the Beyer booth, so we had a lot of fun hanging out and listening to each other play. Bert Lams (from CGT) and I also played a little bit for my friend Chris Samu who had a small booth promoting his new "Guitar Hanger" product. The week also included a "Stick Night" in LA where Agent 22 (myself and Ryan Moran) played alongside Emmett Chapman, Larry Tuttle, Steve Adelson, Kevin Keith and others.

Namm's Beyer team '09 (minus Jerry Marotta who I think was signing autographs at Yamaha)

Marotta/Griesgraber with help from Bert Lams
(photo by Neil Bettencourt)

Agent 22 @ Stick Night 2009
Happy audients and camerman (inc. several of the Chapman clan)

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