Wednesday October 7, 2009 - JFK airport, New York
Flying home today after a few days spent in and around Pittsburgh, PA. On Sunday, myself, Greg Howard and Dave Brosky taught and performed at a one day Stick seminar and concert. The venue was great. Called "Cefalo's" it was a converted church now set up as something of a jazz style club. During the day the three of us traded off teaching the main group, and doing private lessons. Then at 5pm we started setup for the show. That part felt a little cramped on timing, with some weird hums noises and probably mis-labeled cables causing us some issues before hand. We got it together though and started just a few minutes after the scheduled start time of 7pm. This was the first time I'd done a Stick seminar that was only 1 day and it had a very different feel to it. Usually with two days, by the middle of day two, everyone is looking a bit "saturated" with information.. but not so much with this format. Though on the flip side, I felt like some of the ideas I presented would have been nice to work on a bit more together. With music, presenting ideas and really digesting them are two very different things. Hmmmm...

Cefalo's.. not your usual music club
professor Brosky leads the group


The traditional group shot

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