North County Times "Preview"
Friday, November 5, 1999

"Agent 22" - Agent 22

CDs serve bands and singers in two ways. When played on radio, the discs promote the artists, and when sold they bring in royalties. Which is good news either way for Agent 22: dual guitarist Jimmy Patton, drummer/percussionist Ryan Moran and Chapman Stick/synthesizer expert Tom Griesgraber.

The three musicians collaborated last year on a recording at MiraCosta College that featured two of their original compositions. The success of "Dreamwalk" convinced them that they belonged together. Voila Agent 22.

The 11 tracks on this disc are all originals, the majority by Griesgraber. The genre is easy listening: melodies that evoke memories set to rhythms close to that of a beating heart. It's romantic but not overly sentimental and ideal for dancing cheek-to-cheek in an intimate situation.

The musicians are individuals as well as a smooth entity. Each has his turn in the aural spotlight, contributing distinctive riffs in the melodic flow without resorting to the "look at me" distractions of jazz artists in jam sessions.

Patton is heard to advantage in the familiar "Dreamwalk" and "Song for Eriela." Moran shows how versatile percussion can be, from the driving pace of "3:32" to the seductive caressing of "Speak Softly." Griesgraber is everywhere, carrying the theme surely and unobtrusively throughout. It's his backing that establishes the trio's style, starting with the title tune.

First of what can be a string of best sellers.

-Bill Fark