Agent 22 - Agent 22

Agent 22 - First Witness

Amelia Browning - Little Jazz Bird

Black and White - Maintain The Light

B-Side Players (pre-production for Movement)

Burundiolgy - Wake Up and Give

California Guitar Trio - Live in Scottsdale (On Tour With King Crimson)

California Guitar Trio  - Komorebi

California Guitar Trio - Andromeda

California Guitar Trio - Echoes

California Guitar Trio - Whitewater

John Dorman

Dübh - This Is Dübh

Earl Flores - Lovely Lady

Tom Griesgraber - A Whisper In The Thunder

Tom Griesgraber - Sketchbook

Tom Griesgraber and Bert Lams - Unnamed Lands

Tom Griesgraber and Bert Lams - Live at The Museum of Making Music

Dan Kasperick - Early morning

Marotta/Griesgraber - Waking The Day

Mark Hillis - Acoustic Sketches

Vasi Hunton

Jason and Jane (Jason Yamaoka and Jane Lui) - Prate and Idle Chatter 

The Kellers

Walter Levette - Timeless Hymns

Miracosta College - Dreamwalk

Miracosta College Guitar Ensemble Christmas album

Emmalyn Moreno - Dancing In The Light

Emmalyn Moreno - Faith I

Dr. Ron Mueller - Home Business Tax Savings (audio book)

National Film Board of Canada

Peter Pupping - The Troubadour's Table

Peter Pupping - Saturday Morning

Peter Pupping Band - Jazz Bend

Rancho Bernardo Community Church 

Andrea Ruta and Paulie - Where is the Song?

RyMo - Structure and Flow

RyMo - Kinetic

Gayle Skidmore - Make Believe

Small Batch - History Repeats

Elizabeth St John

St John The Evangelist Church in Encinitas, CA (sound system work)

St Margaret's Catholic Church in Oceanside, CA (sound system work)

Jen Trafficanda

The Artist Presently Known as Ed - Receiving

Theory of One - Anthesis

William Wilson

XFinity xFi (TV commercial featuring Peter Pupping and Fred Benedetti)